Steven Cheney


Why I Write:

I have always had a love for gospel music. My father and mother both were great influences on my writing. I remember so many times on the way to church they would plug in the Happy Goodmans, The Stamps Quartet, The Imperials, The Couriers Quartet, The Rebels Quartet, The Rambos and many others. Music and composition have always been a intricate part of my life from the age of 16 where I began to compose my first melodies. At that time I was not much into the lyrical aspect of writing. It has only been in the last 15 years that I have really applied myself to that part of my writing. So many great writers in our industry have been and continue to be an influence on what I am doing currently. The list is to large to mention everyone here … but the Lord has opened some wonderful doors for me to be able to colaborate with such great writers as Tery Wilkins, Phil Cross, Jimmy Dooley, Chris Binion, Adam Kahout, Gina Vera, Sheldon Mencer, Rebecca Peck, Danny Funderburk, Tammie Herring, Stan Shuman, Greg Day, and the late Dan Adkins as well as many others. God has been so good to me and has allowed me the opportunity to fulfill a dream to write with what I believer are some of the best writers in gospel music. I am so thankful for all the Lord has done and continues to do in letting me do what I love … and that is to write the gospel in song. If one soul is touched and reached by a song I have been given … it will have been worth everything.

Top 10 Compositions:

  1. When He Calls My Name – Mencer, White & Cheney
  2. Love Called My Name – Ivan Parker
  3. The Passion Of The Christ – Jonathan White
  4. The Tomb Is Empty – Mike Speck
  5. There Is No Other Name – The Crist Family
  6. Arms Of Love – Three Bridges
  7. The Cross Is My Christmas Tree – Jimmy Dooley
  8. Made For Praise – Marc Cheney
  9. Seasons – Mencer, White & Cheney
  10. Never Failing Hand – Stan Shuman

What Inspires Me:

  1. God – and His Word
  2. Walking With Christ
  3. My Wife
  4. My Daughter
  5. Reading Everything I Can
  6. Friends In Gospel Music
  7. I really enjoy being around other Songwriters
  8. Listening To Great Preachers
  9. Asking God For Original Ideas
  10. Being A Good Listener To Those I Conversate With
  11. FM Radio to expand my Compostion Skills
  12. Poetry (Psalms)

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