Rodney Griffin


Why I Write:

I wrote my first song 1989 while sitting at my desk at Newport News Shipbuilding in Newport News, Virginia. The first song wasn’t a great one, but it lit a fire inside that is still growing. I knew then that God had gifted me with something unusual…putting phrases together that relate to people. It’s been a great honor and privilege to use this gift to help others along the way. My hope and dream is simple…that someone will find Jesus and walk closer to Him because of me. May I be faithful to His great calling.

Top 10 Compositions:

  1. My Name Is Lazarus (Greater Vision)
  2. He’d Still Been God (Greater Vision)
  3. Just One More Soul (Greater Vision)
  4. Faces (Greater Vision)
  5. God Wants To Hear You Sing (Greater Vision)
  6. I Choose (Ivan Parker)
  7. I’ll Do The Miracle (Ivan Parker)
  8. I Know I’m Going There (Kingdom Heirs)
  9. Don’t Let The Sandals Fool You (Triumphant Quartet)
  10. What You Took From Me (Whisnants)

What Inspires Me:

I don’t have 10 particular sources of inspiration that I can think of. Song ideas suddenly “appear” out of the blue much like a sermon title for a pastor…then comes the hard, but rewarding part…making the song as good as the thought behind it.

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  1. Viney

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    Woot, I will ceratinly put this to good use!

  2. Allie

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    i lke it

  3. Pastor Don Matthews

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    Rodney sang a song about Joseph of Arimetheae taking Jesus’ body to the grave in your session last Thursday afternoon at the National Quartet Convention. And I would to find the lyrics for this song to use in an upcoming sermon, if this is possible. Thanks