Ricky Atkinson


My Story:

I began writing sometime around the age of 18 or 19…. I traveled around quite a bit as a soloist doing church dates, revivals, and campmeetings. I would sing all my own original songs and people loved them, but I never felt like they were really top shelf material…

I would go to Jimmy Benson’s big all night gospel concerts in Warner Robins,GA. and I would see these high profile groups at their product tables and I would think,”Oh nooooo, Im not giving them one of my weak demos for them to laugh at!”

Well, I kept them in my pocket and kept on writing for about 10 years. Singing, doing my solo dates, I also had 2 different groups during that time and still having NEVER even pitched one song of mine to a national recording artist. BUT, the timing of God giving me confidence and assurance that He would work out my career was impeccable.

In 1996, at age 30, I was hired by the Wilburns after Jonathon Wilburns departure for Gold City, and I began immediately to ‘pitch’ my songs, because after I was actually inside the industry walls I found out that all these great artist and just like everyone else!!

My first 2 years were explosive to say the least, along with traveling with a full time group I was also having alot of success with my music. My first cut by the McKameys,then 3 cuts on a Wilburn album, then 2 cuts on a Kingdom Heirs project, then 4 more on a second Wilburn CD.

From there God has allowed me to write songs for many of todays top recording artist in gospel music, as well as many chart topping songs for my own group, Ricky Atkinson an Compassion.

Thats my story in a nutshell, but there’s no way to explain the paths that God puts us on or takesd us down as we journey through life…. He deserves all the glory for HIS great plan in our lives!!

Top 10 Compositions:

  1. This Valley Is For Me
  2. Resting Place
  3. Jesus Can
  4. Blessed Be The Name (co-write with Jeff Steele)
  5. The Prodigals Father
  6. The Sun Will Shine Again
  7. I Have Not Forgotten ( co-write with Lance Carpenter)
  8. One More Time
  9. I’m Blessed
  10. Be Not Afraid (co-write with Jeff Steele)

What Inspires Me:

  1. Preaching
  2. Reading and studying scripture
  3. A great song
  4. A great hook
  5. Other writers
  6. Music
  7. Arrangements
  8. Chord progressions
  9. Radio advertisements
  10. Testimonies and stories told directly to me

2 responses to “Ricky Atkinson”

  1. Barbara Mitchell

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    My huasband and I lost a dear friend to cancer in 2003. During his stay in a nursing home I sang this song for him. He really enjoyed the song. He said to me”you are an angel”. I haven’t sung that song since, until now. I just remembered what a beautiful song it is and decided to find the lyrics. Thank You for this web site, it has been so much help.

  2. (:

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    If I could I would take away the troubles weighing heavy on your mind, and in you life. If I could I would wipe away the sorrows that you feel deep down inside, and make them mine. But there’s only just so much a friend indeed can help you through along the way, but I’m glad to say I know the one who will be there to help you when you pray.

    If I could I would take you by the hand and lead you through this valley wide,to stand upon the mountain high. If I could I would walk across the burning desert sand, restore your soul with sweeter water from a better land. But I’m sure that in my strongest hour, I still could not posses the power to bring you through the raging fire you must withstand. But remember, Jesus can.

    If I could I would dry away the tears that stain your pillow on the night, and make it right. And if I could I would lift you up above the clouds of doubt, and fearful fright with all my might. But the truth remains the same though I try my best I’m still a man like you. Oh, but I’m glad to say I know the one who will be there to help you make it through.


    I agree Ricky Atkinson did a GREAT job on this song! (:

    p.s. – sorry for any typing misstakes