Rebecca Peck


Why I Write:

I played around making up little songs from the time I was about 4 or 5. I absolutely loved words, reading, and rhyming things, and since I was playing the piano and singing a lot by that age, it just sort of became a part of what I did around the house. My favorite toy was the record player and a stack of records. When I was a teenager, I started writing “real songs”, but I didn’t really think about making songwriting my life’s work at that time. I began writing professionally in 1991 when the Hayes Family recorded five of my songs on a project. They were very instrumental in starting me down this path. My heritage is full of music and God’s Word, not just in my musical, Christian family, but also the church in which I spent my childhood years was very influential in helping me hide Scripture in my heart and encouraged me in music. There are no words to describe the feeling of knowing that somehow God is taking my life experiences, my love for music, and, yes, my multitude of limitations, and He is using it all to reach out to so many through these songs. One of the biggest thrills for me is knowing that the songs are being used in churches, and I love to hear stories of how the songs have ministered to people. It’s the vehicle God has given me to spread His Word in a way I never could have dreamed, and I’m so thankful for the chance to leave behind a testimony of what He means to me.

Top 10 Compositions:

  1. His Life For Mine – Talley Trio, Various Artists/Choral Print
  2. Even in the Valley – Whisnants, Various Artists/Choral Print
  3. Hide Me Behind the Cross – Gold City, Various Artists/Choral Print
  4. Almighty – Lauren Talley, Vickie Yohe, Various Artists/Choral Print
  5. Joys Gonna Come – Kingsmen, Rejoice, Various Artists/Choral Print
  6. Thank You – Clay Crosse/Choral Print
  7. God Sits on High – Carolina Boys, Various Artists/Choral Print
  8. Without the Cross – Dottie Peoples, The Greenes, Various Artists/Choral Print
  9. Every Step – Crist Family, Various Artists/Choral Print
  10. When He Comes Again – Ernie Haase & Signature Sound, Various Artists/Choral Print

What Inspires Me:

  1. Scripture
  2. Conversations
  3. Preaching/Teaching
  4. Listening to music from as many different genres as I can and trying to absorb those influences
  5. Thinking about what really matters in life
  6. Personal Experiences
  7. Figures of Speech/Catchy Phrases
  8. Books
  9. Deadlines (It’s amazing how inspired I can get when I know there’s a deadline)
  10. Writing towards a specific project or concept/Assignment Writing

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2 responses to “Rebecca Peck”

  1. Jim Archer

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    Rebecca has blessed me greatly with her beautiful voice and words, “Even in the Valley.” She is an instrument of God and used by the Holy Spirit to speak to my heart and mind as I grow as a Christian man. I am member of First Baptist Atlanta since 1999 and have enjoyed the choir and the orchestra there for many years. When Rebecca sang here almost two weeks ago, she was accompanied by the finest orchestra and choir anywhere.

    May the Lord bless you and your family,


  2. Melissa Johnson

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    I’m so blessed to call you “friend” Becky – you have been a huge blessing in my life, and it warms me to my toes to see God using your talent in such mighty ways. The songs you write are incredible, but they mean even more to me because I know the person behind the words. I love you “muchly” Rebecca Joy!