Mark Bishop


Why I Write:

I fell in love with this music as a teenager in the mid 1980’s, discovering music by The Hinsons, The Rambos and The Paynes. I loved that these groups wrote their own music and lyrics. For some reason, it appealed to me that these folks were sharing the emotions in their hearts with the lyrics of these beautifully crafted “mini-sermons” set to music.

I write because I have been blessed to witness God’s touch in the sharing of a song (just like my fellow songwriters gathered here). There is awesome power in it for encouragement. It is a privelege to serve God in this manner, using a gift that he gave us in the first place!

Mark Bishop and Rodney Griffin in the Bahamas

Mark Bishop and Rodney Griffin in the Bahamas

Top 10 Compositions:

  1. You Can’t Ask Too Much of My God (Bishops)
  2. Can I Pray For You (Mark Bishop)
  3. I Got Here As Fast As I Could (Mark Bishop)
  4. Reach The World (Bishops)
  5. When Jesus Is All That I Have (Bishops)
  6. Perfectly Honest (Mark Bishop)
  7. With Me Always (Mark Bishop, Lauren Talley)
  8. I Know Where I Stand (Mark Bishop, Brian Free and Assurance)
  9. What I Found At The Altar ( Kingsmen)
  10. Remember Who He Is, Remember What He Does (Mark Bishop)

What Inspires Me:

I often describe songwriters as people with this “extra” filter between their ears and their brain. This filter is checking all input (conversations, sermons, television, radio, other music, etc…) to see if the thought (or a more complex one) can be expressed to any great effect in a song. Sometimes it can’t but when it can… that is inspiration! Sometimes God just gives you an idea out of the blue… sometimes it comes from some odd, unexpected place. Either way, however it comes, it is an exciting process to figure out how to convey this inspiration to the listener in the best way possible.

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