2010 NQC DVD

2010 NQC DVD


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2010 NQC SONG of a LIFETIME Preview

On Saturday, September 18, 2010, at 1:45pm, SONG of a LIFETIME came back to Freedom Hall as part of this year’s National Quartet Convention.  This year was absolutely incredible!  Look at the line-up!  Order your copies and continue supporting the mission of SONG of a LIFETIME, the Art & Soul of Gospel Music!

Featured Songwriters:

  • Rodney Griffin
  • Phil Cross
  • Mosie Lister
  • Joel Hemphill
  • Jim Brady
  • Mark Bishop
  • Kyla Rowland
  • Scott Inman
  • Joseph Habedank
  • Joyce Croft
  • Tim Lovelace
  • Darryl Toney
  • Horace Mauldin
  • David and Nick Akins

Featured Artists:

  • Greater Vision
  • The Booth Brothers
  • Triumphant Quartet
  • Hoppers
  • Mark Trammell Quartet
  • The Akins Family
  • The Chuck Wagon Gang
  • Mitchel Jon
  • Shawn Porter
  • Weston Hinson Group
  • Greater Louisville Mass Choir

Featured Songs:

  • I See Grace
  • I Want My Stage To Be An Altar
  • Just Pay Attention
  • I’ll Live Forever
  • Something’s Happening
  • You’ll Find Me There
  • He’s Still Waiting By The Well
  • I Can’t Even Walk
  • You Do Not Owe Me One Thing
  • I’m Redeemed
  • Old Convention Song
  • Then I Met The Master
  • Master Of  The Wind
  • Call Me Gone

2 responses to “2010 NQC DVD”

  1. Wade Ledford

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    Another “home run” for Phil Cross and Song Of A Lifetime. A wonderfully orchestrated concert/DVD series created by Phil which features writers and artists alike to bring the inspiration and beauty of each song.

    Refreshing also was the performance by special surprise guest, Weston Hinson, son of the late Kenny Hinson. He delivered a truly special version of “Call Me Gone” in honor of his father and “The” Father. A true throwback if I’ve ever seen one.

    I offer my encouragement to Phil to continue on with his vision and I encourage all to include the SOAL DVD series in their collection. These are moments that may never pass our way again.

    Embrace them!

    Wade Ledford

  2. Ruth Koehn

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    We will be on a Mexican Riviera cruise with Phil Cross leaving San Diego on October 23, 2010.

    Would it be possible for Phil to bring this video with him so that I could purchase a copy on the cruise ship. Since we live in Canada there are always issues with shipping items across the Canada/USA border.

    I watched the Live Feed from the NQC and loved Phil Cross and the Song of a Lifetime.

    Ruth Koehn
    Vancouver, British Columbia