The SONG of a LIFETIME Experience kickoff weekend was huge success!

The launch weekend in three cities was amazing! Those attending were thrilled as they heard classic songs and stories from four prolific songwriters including Squire Parsons, Gerald Crabb, Mark Bishop, and Phil Cross. Accompanying them was Channing Eleton, a sensational songwriter, singer, and musician. Due to the overwhelming response, The Song Of A Lifetime Experience is now accepting booking requests. Please call 423-285-8755 to find out how to bring this to your city.

“What blesses me most about these songwriters is how I can identify with their songs. The songs of Squire Parsons make me long for Heaven. Phil Cross reminds us all of the Majesty and Redemptive Work of Christ. When I’m at my lowest, I can listen to a Gerald Crabb song and know that Jesus is a friend that understands. Mark Bishop songs tell stories of hope for the journey of life. Channing Eleton reminds me of what’s most important in my life, my relationship to God and family. For every day of my life, there is a song. ” – Carrie, Chattanooga, TN

SONG of a LIFETIME blends the soul of songwriters with the art of artists.

SONG of a LIFETIME logoThe purpose of this series is to reach people by showcasing the message in the music and its impact on people’s lives. The only thing on Earth that’s exactly how God wants it is His Word. God’s Word is clearly expressed and passionately celebrated in Gospel Music. SONG of a LIFETIME believes that the “Gospel” of Gospel Music is the main thing in Gospel Music.

SONG of a LIFETIME Artist & Writers

By allowing songwriters to have a prominent voice in every product, the creativity of the creator is expressed throughout the series in a powerful, anointed way. These are the people who have an intimate understanding of the truths put in each song because songwriters know how a song was birthed. They see it through from inspiration and perspiration to completion.

2008 NQC SONG of a LIFETIME PreviewIt is our hope that this is just the beginning of a Big God Idea that will also demonstrate the relevance of traditional gospel music in a contemporary culture.